Vianar Affordable Housing

Vianar Affordable Housing aims to help thousands of low income Indians realize their dream of home ownership by offering ecologically modern, affordable homes. We are using state of the art construction technology and green building techniques to provide those at the bottom of the income pyramid upscale design at very low prices. Vianar's innovative communities will host schools, health clinics, day care facilities and vibrant commercial districts. About Vianar Affordable Housing

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The National Housing Bank recently estimated urban housing shortages of up to 25 million units in India. This deficit results in a subpar, unhygienic, and insecure housing situation for millions of families and the prevalence of vast near-slum-like areas.
Our mission is to provide high-quality housing to lower-income consumers at a price range currently unavailable in the Indian context, or, for that matter, almost anywhere else in the world. Our endeavor does not just aim to aggressively lower costs, however. We are also intent on exploring new sustainable construction techniques, working innovatively with social finance organizations, and developing new models of urban design.