Exciting New Opportunity

Industry experts have estimated that more than 18 million low-income Indians living in urban areas lack housing, representing a potential market of over $250 billion USD. This unmet demand will only increase as per capita incomes more than double and the urban population increases by over 150 million by 2020.

Affordable Housing Provides an Attractive Business Proposition

Quick Turnaround Times – Affordable Housing projects boast a project cycle of only 15-18 months between breaking ground and finishing sales and construction. High-end real estate projects in India rely on land appreciation and incremental development to earn sufficient margins, taking years to realize gains for investors.

Stable and Increasing Demand – Low-income homebuyers have a large amount of pent-up housing demand and consumption resources. They are largely insulated from the shocks that introduce high levels of volatility into luxury demand and the availability of financing for high-projects.

Growing Public Support – The government of India has recognized the critical importance of providing housing for all. Low-income homebuyers are eligible for rebates of 1 Lakh on their first home loan, interest rate subsidies and financing through government supported financial institutions serving borrowers at the bottom of the pyramid.

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