Vianaar Communities

Vianaar Affordable Housing's developments will combine green building, innovative design and plenty of space for parks and social services. Residents will enjoy unit layouts that maximize living space within communities that provide a high quality of life.

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Low-Cost Construction –Vianaar has created an innovative design that works towards a near zero running cost. We use alternative construction materials used to minimize construction costs.

Green Technologies – Vianaar developments will utilize rooftop cultivation, sustainable water management systems and eco-friendly waste management techniques to preserve the environment.

Socially Responsible Design – Vianaar's communities will be handicap accessible, and space will be preserved for educating children, caring for toddlers and running programs for women.

Quality of Life – The majority of Vianaar developments will be open space filled with gardens and park. Units will boast cutting edge design and a surplus of natural light.

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