Vianaar Affordable Housing is a for-profit social enterprise dedicated to helping low-income households realize the dream of owning their own home. Founded by Indian and Western industry professionals with a deep knowledge of real estate and finance, Vianaar has created an innovative model where upscale design coexists with affordability, environmental sustainability and high quality social services.

Vianaar is currently speaking with investors and business partners about the attractive opportunities available in the affordable housing industry. Low-income Indians are increasingly willing and able to invest in homes and financial institutions are more and more likely to make loans to those at the bottom of the income pyramid. Vianaar has also developed an innovative construction model that speeds up project cycles and allows turnaround times as quick as 18 months.

Vianaar has also pioneered a social partnership model that leverages the knowledge of a wide array of NGOs, microfinance institutions and knowledge partners to improve educational, health and career outcomes for community residents. Vianaar's unique group of partners exchange best practices, help inform construction decisions and run programs to ensure the maximum social impact of every project.