Vianaar Affordable Housing

Vianaar Affordable Housing aims to help thousands of low income Indians realize their dream of home ownership by offering ecologically modern, affordable homes. We are using state of the art construction technology and green building techniques to provide those at the bottom of the income pyramid upscale design at very low prices. Vianaar's innovative communities will host schools, health clinics, day care facilities and vibrant commercial districts. About Vianaar Affordable Housing.

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Innovative Community Design

Vianaar developments will include vast of green space, parks and gardens. Units are designed to maximize natural light and enhance quality of life.Learn More About Vianaar's Developments

Demand for Affordable Housing is Booming – More than 18 million urban India households at the bottom of the income pyramid lack housing. With incomes rising and millions more families moving to the cities, demand for affordable housing will continue to rise.Learn More About Market Opportunities with Vianaar

Housing, Schools and Healthcare for the Poor – The urban poor are faced with grossly inadequate informal housing, overcrowded schools and a lack of health facilities. Vianaar works with partner organizations to provide these services and more to community residents.Learn More About Becoming A Social Partner with Vianaar